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Chris has been a life coach for 10 years now expanding his healing and calming skills he first learned to develop at 12 when he found adults looking towards him for advise. Let him share the life stories he has listened to that taught him how to teach by. His religous background is the world and its teaching stories. Either it is Jungian psychology, Christanity, Budhism, Sufi tales, or just the simple fairy tale, Chris has learned the meanings behind their symbols that can help everyone gain happiness and find bliss in their own lives. He nevers tells you how to live your life he just suggests a new pair of shoes and a new course you might try to walk on for yourself. If the one your on is not working, might of well try one that is well trodden on. Its your adventure you need to partake in it yourself, no one else will.

Strategic planning, listening, empathy, understanding, and inspiration are Chris's cornerstones to life coaching. So give him a try. There might be a reason he knows 4,000 people and he is still working to know the other 36,000 in town. he is also willing to travel wherever he is needed. You pay for the travel expenses and room and board, he will be there.


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